People who can’t be bothered to put the proper URL in things like update details.

For example, Apple. I get a Software Update notification for Quicktime 7.3.1. And it says “For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:”. So I click on it, and it takes me to a general update page, with links to 81 (eighty-one) update bulletins, one of which is the one I want. Excuse me for living, but the reason I clicked was to find out about the Quicktime 7.3.1 update. No, I didn’t want to know about the “Keynote 2.0.2 update” from 2005 or “Xcode Tools 2.5”. I wanted to know about Quicktime 7.3.1 update. And my time is more important than yours, contrary to anything else you may have thought.

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