“Fixing” things

Why would anyone fix a utility as fundamental as “touch”? It wasn’t “broken” so it didn’t need “fixing”.

What was in their minds when they changed the code?

I can just see some clever little oik, wet behind their Linux-like ears finding the “bug”, and being delighted they have found something to spray their piss on, retiring in the warm glow that all those copies of the software will go round the world smelling of them for the rest of time.

What am I on about?

The latest version of RedHat has broken my scripts. I used to be able to do

touch -d 20010000 foo

but now it gives me

touch: invalid date format `20010000′

yes, I know it wasn’t sensible, but it wasn’t “wrong”.

It is now, so because some tosser doesn’t understand the importance of backwards compatibility and legacy, I’m going to have to go round and check every bloody script and “correct” them.

What was the point?

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