Staying in expensive hotels.

Because every time anything goes wrong, and things do, I get annoyed they can’t get it right.
If I am paying half the price then I expect things to be less than perfect, but when it is £100 a night, I don’t expect the automatic wake-up call to be 7 minutes late, and the call lift button not to work, and the toilet seat to be as sharp as a craft knife on my bum, and the toilet cover to bang down when I flush, and £5 an hour or £10 a day for internet is outrageous, and seven television channels is pathetic, they could at least have Freeview, and I expect enough white sugar for two cups of coffee, not just one and even some biscuits or shortbread would be reasonable, and there is a huge hum coming from the ventilation in the bathroom.
And that was just this morning.

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