Beds I have to make

You arrive in a poshish hotel like the one I am in now, and the bed looks all nice, with a cover on.

But then you lift the cover off, or rather drag it off because it seems like it is nailed down all the way round, and find no such thing.

There is a bolster, or whatever it is, which stretches half way down the bed. But worse, below that is a duvet; now this duvet is a very nice duvet, but for some reason I completely fail to understand, it is folded in half and placed sideways. I am not 1.17 meters tall, and I do not need to sleep under a doubled up duvet.

Just put the bed in a state so that I can sleep in it – I really don’t want to have to make my bed before I can sleep in it.

And tomorrow night I bet I will have to go through the same palaver.

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