People who “hide” their email addresses

I mean, do they (or their organisations) think that email trawlers can’t work that out?
All it does is inconvenience the genuine people who want to contact them.
There are only about 6 spammers in the world, apparently – do you think they didn’t get your email a looooong time ago:- or will as soon as you put that up?
Or worse still, wanker AT room DOT one DOT bedlam.
And to cap it all, let’s make it an image so that I have to type in the whole thing absolutely correctly.

Or why not just give me a web form to fill in to send you a message?
That way I have to use your technology to do it, and then it doesn’t get into my normal processes – pissing me about again.

Or perhaps you want to just give me an email hash?
That’s just great to help me get in touch with you – yes Semantic Web Dog Food this applies to you.
It’s on my wiki page, so why obscure it on the data page?

The reason you have an email account is to make it convenient for people to contact you.

I have actually decided not to email people about things I am sure they would like to know because of this;- is worth mentioning as a particularly bad specimen.

So if you haven’t got systems that can cope with the spam, then get different ones. Don’t push the effort of futilely trying to protect youself from spam onto me.

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