Amazon Prime Media Protection

Right. I want to watch something on my Amazon Prime account, on my TV, which is connected to my ‘puter by USB-C to HDMI, or whatever it is.
But no, with my TV plugged in at all, it won’t even let me watch on the computer monitors.
I presume all this is so that I can’t easily snaffle a digital version and put it on bitTorrent, or whatevs, or maybe just because it is the third screen, as one of my monitors is also USB-C to HDMI.
So what is a chap to do?
I know, I’ll download a snaffled digital version from bitTorrent, and then I can watch it on any of my screens.
And since I have a legal account for watching it on Amazon, they would be hard pressed to do me for anything – just for the few moments when I am downloading when someone may get a bit of upload from me.
So the only things their awkward bloody protection acheives is
a) puts this customer to trouble and pisses him off;
b) gets me to share their content, albeit for a few seconds.

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